Alabama Football: Nick Saban will take any win over the Hogs …


All week Nick Saban has been battling a dangerous foe and it’s not been the Arkansas Razorbacks. Saban has been battling complacency in his Alabama football team.

Thursday night he went into detail about Arkansas and even more detail about the Crimson Tide. About Arkansas, Saban praised Sam Pittman and Arkansas QB, KJ Jefferson. He called the Razorbacks a capable team that is always mentally tough and physical.

A caller to the Hey Coach radio show mentioned the large point spread for the game. Part of Saban’s response to such ‘noise’ was that he does not have time to give it any attention. But, he knows that his players are aware they are heavy favorites. Saban said his task this week has been trying to figure out how Alabama wins by two points.

Nick Saban knows his football team. He knows when focused to prepare and focused to execute, the Crimson Tide can be very good. He also knows lack of focus in preparation and execution can result in good, but lesser teams beating the Tide.

Saban’s concern was clear on Wednesday when he gave what he called a lecture – on nothing.

"You get up every day, you’re entitled to… nothing. Nobody owes you… nothing. You could have talent, but if you don’t have discipline, if you don’t execute, you don’t focus, you get nothing. If you’re complacent, and not paying attention to detail, what does that get you? Nothing."

Alabama Football: Seeking Poise, Confidence and Execution

To avoid a nothing result, Saban has been preaching that players must channel their focus and their effort to achieve “poise, confidence and execution” in both preparation and games.

Saban commented on his show that Thursday had been the Tide’s best practice of the week. That was good news, but it does not mean the Crimson Tide will roll over Arkansas.

The Razorbacks will come to Tuscaloosa as hungry as any team Alabama will play in the regular season. A win over Alabama could boost them to subsequent wins and a strong second half of the season. A loss would be devastating, to the Arkansas players and to the Hogs football program. Losing a fifth consecutive game might cost Sam Pittman his job.

So, as Nick Saban knows, the Crimson Tide must be prepared. The Hogs only lost by three points to LSU in Baton Rouge and lost by just seven points last Saturday against Ole Miss in Oxford.

Check on everything Nick Saban said Thursday night in the video below.

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Nothing new was learned on Thursday about injury recovery by Malachi Moore or James Burnip. It is known that Moore participated in Wednesday’s practice, but both players are still day-to-day.