Alabama Football: Ranking Crimson Tide position groups

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With Alabama Football’s ‘Third Saturday in October’ looming, let’s take a break in hating Tennessee, to assess the Tide’s position groups. Ten position groups are ranked below, with one group being more individuals than a standard group. That group is the Crimson Tide kickers.

The rankings are subjective and include no stats. Just call the ranking the ‘eyeball’ test of one Alabama football fan. The rankings reflect recent performance more than all seven games.

Alabama Football No. 1 Position Group

  • Kickers – Will Reichard and James Burnip. The pair is the best duo in the SEC and arguably the best in college football. And yes, the snappers and holders deserve some credit as well.
  • No. 2 Position Group – Outside Linebackers – Dallas Turner and Chris Braswell are having outstanding seasons. When he has been called on beyond his special teams work, Quandarrius Robinson has also played well.
  • No. 3 – Defensive Backs With a healthy Malachi Moore, Alabama has been tremendous. Terrion Arnold and Kool-Aid McKinstry are two of the best cornerbacks in college football. Caleb Downs continues to make a strong impact.
  • No. 4 – Inside Linebackers – Deontae Lawson is an alpha the Tide needs. In addition to his smart physical play, Lawson holds others accountable. It could be argued this group has shown more depth than any defensive unit, because when Lawson was injured Trezmen Marshall, and Jihaad Campbell stepped up big and Kendrick Blackshire also played well. The only weakness shown by this group has occasionally been pass coverage.