Alabama Football: Ranking Crimson Tide position groups

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  • No. 8 – Running Backs – The running backs can only do so much without strong blocking and this group does not always get it. All four are tough, determined runners and good arguments can be made for ranking them higher. There have been some problems with failing to pick up or miss blocks in pass protection. Though in recent games that issue has been improved.
  • No. 9 – Tight Ends – With all the preseason talk about how Tommy Rees uses tight ends in the passing game, this position group has been somewhat disappointing. Amari Niblack has been the exception. Despite few targets, Niblack’s receiving yards are third on the team. As extra blockers in the running game and in pass protection, the results have been mostly good but far from consistent.
  • No. 10 – Offensive Line – Not to beat up on the offensive line, but the performance, especially at left tackle and with center snaps has been sub-par, and that is being generous. However, Tyler Booker and JC Latham are solid and Jaeden Roberts at right guard has been a pleasant surprise.

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What Crimson Tide position groups will continue to improve? My answer is all of them.