Alabama Football: What Crimson Tide fans want on Saturday

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There is a wide range of what Alabama football fans want on this season’s ‘Third Saturday in October.’ Every Crimson Tide fan wants a win that takes Alabama to 7-1. But not all Alabama football fans think of the Vols as a hated rival. That divide is pretty much age-driven. To younger fans, a win over Tennessee is important because the Vols are a good team. For some ‘not-young’ fans the game is in every season akin to a classic confrontation between good and evil.

Some of us have vivid memories of every loss to the Vols from 1995 through 2006. During that period Tennessee beat Alabama seven consecutive seasons while winning 10 out of the 12 games.

The series that began in 1901 has had streaks by both teams. The longest streak, at 15 Crimson Tide wins, ended last season in Knoxville. The worst period for Alabama Football came in 1938 through 1960 when the Crimson gained five wins, along with 13 losses and four ties.

It is illogical for fans to demand their team always win – forever, against a certain rival. But demand we do. And when a loss occurs, it is hard for some of us to move on. For decades I have said the worst game in any season, is for me Auburn vs. Tennessee. Always rooting for both teams to lose, any outcome is a disappointment.

Nick Saban says that when the Crimson Tide loses, no one hurts more than the Alabama players. But unlike fans, the players must move on to focus on the next challenge. Moving on is harder on fans who can dwell on losses for decades.

Alabama Football: A Payback and a Reckoning

This season’s Alabama Crimson Tide team seeks a payback win against the Vols. For some fans, a payback is not enough. Those of us permanently attached to hating the Tennessee football program want more from Saturday. We want the Vols coaches and fans to receive a reckoning that last season’s win over the Tide was fleeting rather than lasting. We want them to be slapped in the face with the reality that the Tennessee football program has not ascended to dominance under Josh Heupel. We don’t want just a win. We want a beatdown.

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My game prediction for this week was an Alabama Football victory. I think Alabama has the better team and the game at Bryant-Denny will provide a big boost. As much as I wanted to, I did not predict a beatdown by the Crimson Tide. A beatdown would be great, but a win will do just fine.