Alabama Football: Biggest takeaways as Crimson Tide enters the Bye

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The Alabama Football team enters the bye at 7-1 before a crucial matchup against the LSU Tigers. Through the 8 games the Alabama Football team has started to find its identity as it’s started conference play 5-0. Through eight games let’s look at what’s stood out the most so far, what’s been the biggest improvement, and what we need to watch for as Alabama enters the back half of the season.

The Secondary is much improved than the 2022 Unit.

The secondary certainly struggled in 2022, especially in conference. Through five conference games the Alabama football team only allowed Ole Miss to pass for more yards than they did the year prior improving by 45 yards per game in the conference. Much of this improvement can be given to the development of Kool-Aid Mckinstry and Terrion Arnold. The secondary has improved mightily allowing only two wide receivers to amass 100 yards whereas, through 8 games in 2022. The dominance of the secondary has played a crucial role in the success of this Alabama football team. Limiting the big play and keeping wide receivers in front of them has allowed Alabama to prevent teams from coming back late in games and helped the 2023 team close out ball games.