Alabama Football: A Crimson Tide Bye Week rundown and more

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The only thing that would make this late, Alabama Football ‘Bye Week’ better would be the Crimson Tide at 8-0. But a six-game winning streak and 7-1 will do fine.

The Crimson Tide will get a break in the grind this week. In the eight-day period between beating Tennessee and preparing for LSU, Alabama will hold just three practices. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is the Crimson Tide’s practice schedule.

On Monday Nick Saban talked about his players needing a break, but he said the need was far more psychological than physical. Saban always uses bye weeks to work on Alabama. The preparation for LSU will start next week.

Several Alabama football players were honored for their outstanding performances against the Tennessee Vols. Alabama Crimson Tide Players of the Week (POTW) were on Offense, Jase McClellan and Jaeden Roberts; on Defense, Chris Braswell, Deontae Lawson, Justin Eboigbe, and Jihaad Campbell and on Special Teams, Will Reichard and Jam Miller.

Sixteen Alabama Crimson Tide players have been recognized by the Alabama coaching staff with a POTW honor, two or more times this season.

Alabama Football Multiple POTW Winners

  • Chosen five times – Will Reichard and James Burnip
  • Chosen four times – Jase McClellan, Deontae Lawson, Chris Braswell, Justin Eboigbe
  • Chosen three times – Jalen Milroe and Kendrick Lawson
  • Chosen two times – Malachi Moore, Dallas Turner, Jihaad Campbell, Tyler Booker, Isaiah Bond, Kobe Prentice, JC Latham and Amari Niblack

In addition to the team honors, Will Reichard was named the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Jihaad Campbell was named the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Week.

More Recognition for Alabama Crimson Tide Players

Another honor went to Crimson Tide linebacker Jihaad Campbell.

Though not designated as specific award winners, the stats in the tweet below are proof of preseason claims of Alabama having the top duo of edge rushers in college football.

As it always is, this is a bye week in Baton Rouge as well. In terms of defense, the Bengal Tigers are in need of considerable correction. Despite a roster heavily populated with exceptional athletes, the LSU defense has almost been as bad as the LSU offense has been good. The Bengal Tigers are No. 104 in Rushing Defense and No. 105 in Total Defense.

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In ESPN’s calculation of Defensive Efficiency, LSU is No. 86 in the FBS. Alabama Football is No. 8 and No. 1 among SEC teams.