Alabama Football: Three ways the Tide can continue to improve offensively

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As the Alabama Football team enters the most important game of the season, it’s important to look at how much the offense has grown. While finding significant improvements in the passing game with Jermaine Burton coming to life in the receiving game, the Alabama Football team isn’t as explosive and efficient as we’ve seen in the past. This weekend against LSU Alabama will be going up against the model of explosive offense as the Tigers are among the leaders in nearly every offensive metric. The Alabama Football team has a defense that has the potential to limit any offense regardless of its firepower at the college level which will provide for a must-watch matchup. As we approach the end of the season and a potential playoff push there are many ways Tommy Rees can make adjustments to make this offense explosive enough to compete for a SEC Title and potentially a national title.

Alabama Football: Top Tier Defense carries a middle-tier offense.

The saving grace at times this season for the Alabama Football team has been the dominance of its defense. The Alabama Defense ranks inside the top 30 in Yards per game, passing yards allowed, rushing yards per game, and points allowed per game. The offense on the other hand ranks in the bottom half of offenses in the country in a majority of major metrics. While the old adage “Offense wins games Defense wins championships” may be true but, in this era of College Football you need to have an offense that scores with the best teams in the country. The Offense has adjustments and tweaks it can make that would lead to a potentially more explosive offense. The Offense since the Middle Tennessee game has only scored on one drive kicking a field goal with an average of 19 yards per drive the Alabama offense can’t afford to start slow in the weeks to come against some of the tougher opponents in the SEC.