Alabama Football: Could the Crimson Tide receive playoff help this week?

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Coming off of a massive win against the LSU Tigers the Alabama Football team is looking for some help from outsiders to continue to climb the College Football Playoff Rankings. Ranked eighth the Alabama Football team should make the playoff if they win out, but it would be nice to get closer to striking distance before a potential SEC Championship game.  With this weekend’s game on the road against an unranked Kentucky team, it’s unlikely Alabama will get any bump unless another team ahead of the Alabama Football team loses.  As the season winds down many of the teams ranked ahead of the Crimson Tide have some of their toughest tests of the season in the upcoming weeks.

Alabama Football: Crimson Tide will jump a few spots as long as they win

Before the Conference Championship, Alabama Football will continue to move up the rankings as long as they win their remaining three games. The three teams Alabama Football plays are all unranked, so they won’t move up unless they beat Georgia in a potential SEC Championship Game. The way the Crimson Tide will move up is by watching other schools take losses in these last three weeks. Alabama Football has already played its toughest games losing to Texas and beating Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and LSU. Some of the teams ahead of Alabama, however, haven’t played many if not any tough games through week 10. This weekend five teams ranked ahead of Alabama have really tough matchups with four potentially having massive outcomes for the Alabama Football team should an upset occur.