Alabama Football: Which unbeaten team could beat the Crimson Tide?


This college football season’s storyline about Alabama Football has changed considerably. Several weeks ago Nick Saban was often described as too far past his prime for the Crimson Tide to ever contend for a National Championship again in his tenure.

Now Alabama has returned to being a legitimate National Championship contender. There are still some doubters, but the norm is for many of the doubters to play to the hating Alabama fervor that has long gripped college football.

How much has the story changed in recent weeks? On Tuesday night, Joey Galloway, normally a lover of all things Big Ten, lauded the Crimson Tide.

"I don’t know who’s beating Alabama with Jalen Milroe playing like that."

The improvement in Jalen Milroe’s play is impossible to ignore. After six touchdowns at Kentucky, a few earlier Heisman mentions will grow.

But the latest stories about Alabama Football are about more than Jalen Milroe. Speaking after week 10 games, David Ubben said,

"Alabama is a complicated situation, but yes, the most talented team in America is good enough to win the national championship."

The “most talented team in America” is a strong endorsement. Most Alabama football fans will agree. The problem is in a single game the most talented team does not always win. So what teams are good enough to beat the Crimson Tide? I’ll add my opinion at the end.

Two of the seven undefeated teams, Liberty and James Madison undisputedly do not qualify as a Bama-beater. The remaining five are Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, Florida State and Washington.

Let’s look at what the CBS college football experts have said last week about the Crimson Tide and other National Championship contenders. Check out the conversation in the video below.

Only three of the seven remaining unbeaten teams were designated by the CBS group of experts as teams that could beat the Crimson Tide. They were, of course, Georgia, plus Michigan and Washington. Not included as potential Bama-slayers were Ohio State and Florida State.

Apparently, few of the CFB Playoff Selection Committee members tuned in to that CBS Saturday night feature. Or, maybe many in the committee concur but are not yet ready to devalue undefeated Power Five teams, and if or when Ohio State and Florida State lose they will drop considerably in the rankings.

Troubling to Crimson Tide fans is the love one-loss Oregon gets. In the video, Rick Neuheisel adds Oregon as a team that could beat the Crimson Tide.

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In an earlier post, the Selection Committee’s error in ranking Oregon above Alabama was discussed.

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