Alabama Football: Two biggest mistakes of Nick Saban’s career

Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports
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It can be easy to forget that Nick Saban is human. Alabama Football’s head coach and college football’s GOAT has achieved so much, that sometimes Alabama Crimson Tide fans expect him to be infallible.

Such expectation is not tethered to reality, but there is a sense it comes close to what Nick Saban demands of himself. But he, like all of us pays a price for fallibility.

And when Saban is wrong, the consequences affect the entire Alabama football program. The 2023 Alabama Crimson Tide is still working to recover from the two biggest mistakes of Nick Saban’s coaching career. The mistakes were the hiring and multi-year retention of Pete Golding and Bill O’Brien.

A quick aside – I rarely join public denunciations of Crimson Tide football coaches, especially the Coordinators. Even when my frustration with them is considerable, I know my understanding of the game falls WAY short of their knowledge. I also know that every Alabama Football Coordinator runs Nick Saban’s Alabama offense or defense. My belief has always been that Nick Saban will do what is best for the Alabama football program.

That belief holds no matter the outcome of any game or any season. What I am willing to do is take a results-based approach to evaluating Crimson Tide’s weaknesses. With Golding and O’Brien, the weaknesses were not few.

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