Alabama Football: 5 players that (probably) won’t be back in 2024

J.C. Latham (Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/Getty Images)
J.C. Latham (Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/Getty Images) /
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Alabama Football still has a lot of work to do in the 2023 season, and that should remain its primary focus. With Senior Day tomorrow, however, it isn’t too early to take a brief glimpse ahead to the 2024 campaign.

What key players will depart, and which ones will return to Tuscaloosa? It’s almost impossible to know, especially in the era of the transfer portal. Still, we can make some educated guesses on a handful of players who will likely move on.

First and foremost, Alabama Football will honor these 13 scholarship seniors during its Senior Day festivities on Saturday:

  • LB Chris Braswell
  • WR Jermaine Burton
  • OL Darrian Dalcourt
  • DL Justin Eboigbe
  • S Jaylen Key
  • LB Trezmen Marshall
  • RB Jase McClellan
  • C Seth McLaughlin
  • S Malachi Moore
  • K Will Reichard
  • LB Quandarrius Robinson
  • DL Tim Smith
  • RB Roydell Williams

Not included on the list of honorees are cornerback Trey Amos and safety Kristian Story, perhaps an indication that they will return. In addition, all of the players listed with the exception of Darrian Dalcourt, Jaylen Key, and Will Reichard have not yet exhausted their extra year of eligibility and will have the option to return.

Standouts such as Chris Braswell, Justin Eboigbe, and Malachi Moore are unlikely to use their extra year, as they have elevated their draft stocks throughout this season. Should they surprise us, they would be more than welcome as leaders on next year’s squad.

Alabama could also benefit from seniors such as Jermaine Burton, Quandarrius Robinson, and Tim Smith coming back and boosting their value in prominent roles, in addition to Amos and Story.

Bama has enjoyed the return of a couple “super seniors” over the past couple seasons, including kicker Will Reichard this year. It would certainly be nice to add a few to the 2024 roster.

With the seniors covered, let’s dive into five underclassmen who (probably) won’t be back in 2024.