Alabama Football: Michigan’s offense by the numbers

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Wolverines Passing Attack

The Michigan Wolverines early on were an impressive unit passing the football resulting in JJ McCarthy being the Heisman front-runner heading into the Wolverines’ matchup with Penn State. Down the stretch, the Wolverines struggled passing the ball averaging only 124 yards passing over the final four games. The area where McCarthy excels is in protecting the football throwing only four interceptions in 287 passing attempts.

McCarthy’s top target is senior wide receiver Roman Wilson who has 41 catches for 662 yards and 11 touchdowns. While the stats don’t jump off the screen Wilson is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the country.

Outside of Wilson McCarthy has two reliable targets in tight end Colston Loveland and wide receiver Cornelius Johnson. Loveland has 40 catches for 572 yards and four touchdowns. Johnson has 42 catches for 567 yards and a touchdown. Loveland is a matchup nightmare similar to Alabama Football’s Amari Niblack with tight end size and wide receiver speed and separation skills.

The key for the Alabama Football team against the Michigan passing attack will be taking away Roman Wilson. Wilson is by far the best wide receiver on Michigan with impressive separation skills which could provide issues in man coverage. With Michigan’s impressive tight end and two wide receivers, Kevin Steele will most likely attack this game the way he attacked the Georgia passing attack.

The Alabama defense can succeed in man coverage against this Michigan passing attack thanks to its two outstanding corners. Kool-Aid Mckinstry and Terrion Arnold have quietly become the nation’s top defensive back pairing as the season’s progressed and give Kevin Steele confidence blitzing leaving his corners one one-on-one. The Alabama defense will likely come out loading the box to take away Michigan’s rushing attack, if Arnold and McKinstry can hold up in coverage it will likely lead to an impressive defensive showing.