10 Alabama Football receivers that made the Tide WRU

Alabama Football can stake a claim as the best program to develop virtually any position on the field. So who makes the Crimson Tide "Wide Receiver U?"
BCS National Championship - Alabama v Texas
BCS National Championship - Alabama v Texas / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Alabama Football has been the best program in the country at developing NFL talent under Coach Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide could make a claim to be the prime factory for virtually every position group on the field, and wide receiver is no exception. 

Other schools such as Ohio State and LSU could also make a claim to be WRU, but Bama has as good a track record as anybody in terms of developing receivers. 

For a program built on smashmouth, blue-collar football and an emphasis on the running game, Alabama has historically had success at the receiver position. Going way back to the 1930s, Don Hutson is widely considered to be the original deep threat. Ozzie Newsome caught 16 career touchdown passes for the Tide in the ‘70s. David Palmer, arguably the most electric player to ever don an Alabama uniform, ruled the early ‘90s. 

An all-time list of Alabama Football receivers, written five years ago and including more of the historical Bama superstars, can be found here.

I grew up watching guys like Tyrone Prothro and Keith Brown terrorize opposing secondaries. Throughout the Coach Saban era, however, receiver play at the Capstone has gone to another level. In addition to the obvious stars, wideouts such as Marquis Maze, Ardarius Stewart, Kevin Norwood, DeAndrew White, and Christion Jones have been underrated performers and unsung heroes at the position. 

These players fell just outside the list of the Top 10 Alabama Football Receivers that made the Crimson Tide WRU. This list focuses only on the Coach Saban era and takes into account each player’s performance and impact while at the University of Alabama.