A week out from Selection Sunday NCAA Tournament Bracketology

Check out the latest NCAA Tournament seeding and bracket projections, a week out from Selection Sunday.
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For teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide, Tennessee, Kentucky and Auburn, NCAA Tournament seeding is mostly set. It is unlikely an opening game loss in the SEC Tournament or making to the SEC's Sunday Championship Game will have much impact on Big Dance seeding.

Among the most respected Bracketologists, there are minimal deviations in how they project Seeds 1-5 in the NCAA Tournament. Any movement for the Tide, Vols, Wildcats and Tigers will likely be one seed line up or down.

There are more than a hundred published Bracketologists. The Bracket Matrix is a good way to keep up with most of them, but the site has some lag time for updates.

Today's Bracketology report relies on just two sources; Jerry Palm of CBS Sports and 1-3-1 Sports.

NCAA Tournament Projected 1-Seeds

  • Palm: UConn, Purdue, Houston and Tennessee Vols
  • 1-3-1: Purdue, Houston, UConn and North Carolina

Projected Big Dance 2-Seeds

  • Palm: North Carolina, Baylor, Marquette and Arizona
  • 1-3-1: Tennessee Vols, Arizona, Iowa State and Marquette

Projected 3-Seeds

  • Palm: Iowa State, Creighton, Duke and Kansas
  • 1-3-1: Creighton, Baylor, Duke, Kansas

Projected 4-Seeds

  • Palm: Alabama Crimson Tide, Kentucky Wildcats, Illinois and BYU
  • 1-3-1: Alabama Crimson Tide, Kentucky Wildcats, Auburn Tigers and Illinois

Projected 5-Seeds

  • Palm: Texas Tech, Utah State, Auburn Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks
  • 1-3-1: South Carolina Gamecocks, BYU, San Diego State and Clemson

Projected 6-Seeds

  • Palm: Nevada, San Diego State, Wisconsin and Clemson
  • 1-3-1: Wisconsin, Washington State, Dayton and Utah State

Projected 7-Seeds

  • Palm: St, Mary's, Florida Gators, Washington State and Boise State
  • 1-3-1: Florida Gators, Texas Tech, Gonzaga and Nevada

Projected 8-Seeds

  • Palm: Florida Atlantic, Dayton, Colorado State and Gonzaga
  • 1-3-1: St. Mary's, Boise State, Texas and Colorado State

Projected 9-Seeds

  • Palm: TCU, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Texas
  • 1-3-1: Northwestern, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Nebraska

Projected 10-Seeds

  • Palm: Mississippi State Bulldogs, Northwestern, Nebraska and Virginia
  • 1-3-1: TCU, Florida Atlantic, Seton Hall and Mississippi State Bulldogs

There are no additional SEC teams projected in the 11-16 seeds. Jerry Palm has Texas A&M in his First Four Out. The Aggies are in the Next Four Out by 1-3-1 Sports.

Jerry Palm has the Alabama Crimson Tide bracketed for a game in Pittsburgh in the East Regional. Alabama's projected opponent is McNeese State. Palm has Kentucky and Florida playing in the Midwest Regional; Tennessee and South Carolina in the West Regional. Auburn is slated for the South Regional and Mississippi State joins the Crimson Tide in the East Regional.