Alabama Basketball gets motivation and tips on slaying goliath from a sports icon

Apr 5, 2024; Glendale, AZ, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nate Oats speaks at a press
Apr 5, 2024; Glendale, AZ, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nate Oats speaks at a press / Cheryl Evans-Arizona Republic

The Alabama Basketball team enters tonight's matchup against UConn as a massive underdog against the reigning National Champions. The Huskies are goliath in this matchup winning every game this tournament with an average margin of 29 points. Nate Oats got the team some inspiration and tips from one of the greatest athletes ever.

Phelps shared his experience as an underdog and overcoming adversity while giving the team a speech that will send chills down your spine.

"I thought back to the 4 by 100 freestyle relay in 2008 in Beijing. We were the underdog in that relay, the French said they were going to smash us like guitars. No one thought we were going to win that race, the only way we won that race is because we all did what we had to. I knew I had to get my team off to a start. Do something that makes you you. Cause Tomorrow that's all its going to take. If you guys are each you, the best version of you, whos going to stop you? I'm a competitor and standing in front of you guys gives me chills because you guys have a cool opportunity tomorrow so go be you."

Michael Phelps

The Tide will need to do just that in a matchup against UConn. We've seen teams struggle trying to beat UConn at UConn's own game. Illinois tried to attack Donovan Clingan as he was in foul trouble. What resulted was a 30-point swing in UConn's favor.

The Alabama Basketball has gotten to this point because they've played their style of basketball. The Tide don't need to change their game but, they need to elevate to another level. To this point North Carolina was Alabama's toughest test, the Huskies however are a different beast. The Tide will need a dominant three-point shooting night as they did against Carolina shooting 42%.

We're going to be treated to a classic

This NCAA Tournament has lacked the truly great games we've typically seen outside of a few games like Alabama Vs UNC. Everything is set up for this game to be an All-Time classic NCAA Tournament game. There's the storyline of the close relationship between the Hurley Family and Nate Oats as they got him into college coaching. Both Dan and Oats are known as two of the best coaches in the sport with personalities that stand out in the field. This is Alabama's first appearance in the Final Four, as the upstart program while UConn is looking to go back-to-back which would give the school its sixth title. While Las Vegas expects this game to be a UConn route of Alabama, this game will go down as a classic.

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