Alabama Basketball looks to get over the hump

Grand Canyon v Alabama
Grand Canyon v Alabama / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Throughout the 2023-24 season, Alabama Basketball has struggled against top-25 caliber teams. When outside the friendly confines of Coleman Coliseum, those issues have been further exacerbated.

This year, Bama is 3-9 against teams that ended the regular season ranked or were just outside the top-25 in the most recent AP Poll (Florida came in at 27th). The Crimson Tide is an impressive 20-2 against all other opponents. It should be noted that one of those two losses (Clemson, 39th) and two of Bama’s wins (Oregon at 33rd and Mississippi State at 40th) also received votes in the poll. 

When diving deeper into Bama’s 3-9 record against top-30 teams, the Crimson Tide’s track record looks even more questionable. All three of its wins over top-30 teams have come at home, as Alabama has gone 0-8 against such opponents away from Tuscaloosa.

Even when considering the three wins, two of them were very close games, including a 4-point win over Auburn and a 5-point overtime win over Florida. Bama’s 27-point victory over South Carolina back on January 9th is the only convincing data point that it has recorded to this point.