Alabama Basketball: One SEC game in, ranking the league from top to bottom

Every SEC team has played a conference game. Based on overall, season records, how to rank Alabama Basketball and the other 13 SEC teams.
Mark Zaleski / The Tennessean / USA
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No. 12 - Ole Miss Rebels 13-1 (SEC 0-1)

Riding a cushy schedule the Rebels cruised to a 13-0 record. Reality arrived Saturday in Knoxville when the KenPom No. 86 team was destroyed by No. 4 Tennessee 90-64. The best Ole Miss win is over No. 44 Memphis in Oxford. There is no best loss. or worst loss for the 13-1 Rebels.

No. 11 - Arkansas Razorbacks 9-5 (SEC 0-1)

Arkansas is KenPom's No. 71 . The Hogs' best win is over Duke in November. The best loss came against No. 8 North Carolina 87-72 on a neutral court. The worst loss is a tie. The Hogs lost to No. 137 UNC-Greensboro, at home in November. On Saturday, Arkansas hosted No. 5 Auburn, losing 83-51.

No. 10 - Texas A&M Aggies 9-5 (SEC 0-1)

KenPom has the Aggies at No. 35. Their best win was 73-69 over No. 19 Iowa State on a neutral court. The best loss was 70-66 to No. 1 Houston. The worst loss came Saturday at home to No. 84 LSU, with the Bengal Tigers winning 68-53.

No. 9 - LSU Bengal Tigers 9-5 (SEC 1-0)

KenPom has LSU at No. 84. LSU's best win came on Saturday in the road drubbing of Texas A&M, 68-53. The best loss for the Bengal Tigers is to No. 29 Dayton, 70-67, in November on a neutral court. The worst loss is to No. 260 Nicholls St, 66-60 in Baton Rouge.

No. 8 - Mississippi State Bulldogs 11-3 (SEC 0-1)

Ranked No. 31 by KenPom, the Bulldogs lack a quality win. Losing to South Carolina on the road, 68-62 was not a terrible SEC start. The best MSU win is over No. 62 North Texas, 72-54. The best loss is the SEC opener against the Gamecocks. The worst loss is to No. 258 Southern University in Starkville.

No. 7 - Florida Gators 10-4 (SEC 0-1)

Ranked No. 37 by KenPom, the Gators almost pulled off a good SEC win on Saturday, losing to No. 18 Kentucky 87-85 in Gainesville. That is not their best loss, which is to No. 13 Baylor, 95-91 on a neutral court. The Gators' best win is over No. 54 Pitt, 86-71 on a neutral court. The worst loss is to No. 59 Virginia.

No. 6 - South Carolina Gamecocks 13-1 (SEC 1-0)

Ranked at No. 56 by KenPom, the Gamecocks took care of SEC business on Saturday beating Mississippi State 68-62 at home. Their best win is the one over MSU. Their best loss is a 72-67 road loss to No. 24 Clemson. There is no 'worst' road loss, but the Gamecocks record is tarnished by 10 wins over teams ranked from No. 145 to No. 347.

No. 5 - Georgia Bulldogs 11-3 (SEC 1-0)

Georgia is ranked No. 72 by KenPom. The Bulldogs' best win is over No. 42 Wake Forest. The best loss is against No. 45 Providence. The worst loss is against No. 48 Miami. The 75-68, opening SEC road win over Missouri gives the Bulldogs a boost.