Alabama Basketball: One SEC game in, ranking the league from top to bottom

Every SEC team has played a conference game. Based on overall, season records, how to rank Alabama Basketball and the other 13 SEC teams.
Mark Zaleski / The Tennessean / USA
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No. 4 - Alabama Crimson Tide 9-5 (SEC 1-0)

Ken Pomeroy has the Crimson Tide at No. 10, largely because Alabama's five losses have come against good teams. Two of the five losses were to No. 2 Purdue and No. 3 Arizona. The problem for Alabama is the best win is over No. 48 ranked Oregon 98-91 on a neutral court in November. Winning on the road in the SEC opener against Vanderbilt was a must.

No. 3 - Kentucky Wildcats 11-2 (SEC 1-0)

Kentucky's edge over the Crimson Tide comes from its best win, over No. 8 North Carolina, 87-83. The Cats' best loss is to No. 17 Kansas, 89-84 on a neutral court. The reason Kentucky is ranked at No. 18 by KenPom is the worst loss by the Wildcats was 80-73, in Lexington, against UNC Wilmington. Getting an SEC road win over Florida also boosted Kentucky's resume.

No. 2 - Auburn Tigers 12-2 (SEC 1-0)

KenPom has the Tigers ranked at No. 5, with a good loss to No. 13 Baylor and a bad loss to No. 100 App State. Eleven of the 12 wins do not justify a high ranking. What separates Auburn is its blowout over Arkansas in the SEC opener. Beating Arkansas 83-51, in Bud Walton Arena is a stellar win for the Tigers. Maybe Arkansas is down this season, but Auburn winning by 32 points is impressive.

No. 1 - Tennessee Vols 11-3 (SEC 1-0)

Tennessee deserves its No. 4, KenPom ranking. the Vols have wins over No. No. 7 Illinois and No. 12 Wisconsin. The three losses were to No. 2 Purdue, No. 8 North Carolina and No. 17 Kansas. Tennessee thrashed Ole Miss in its SEC opener, 90-64. For now, Tennessee is the SEC's best team.