Alabama Crimson Tide All-Time NCAA Tournament Team

Going into Friday's 50th NCAA Tournament game for the Alabama Crimson, look back at Alabama's All-Time best players in the Big Dance.

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On Friday in Spokane, the Alabama Crimson Tide will be playing its 50th NCAA Tournament game. Against Charleston, Alabama will be seeking its 26th Big Dance victory.

For Alabama Crimson Tide fans Alabama's NCAA Tournament history has brought joy and sadness. Great wins and stunning losses have occurred. From a school that defines athletic success by winning championships, Alabama Basketball has not come close to winning college basketball's biggest championship.

The Crimson Tide has advanced to the Elite Eight just once, in 2004. Alabama has also made it to the Big Dance Sweet 16 nine times.

Measuring the best Alabama basketball players based on their NCAA Tournament performance is not as simple as determining what players performed best in the Tide's 25 Big Dance wins. There have also been outstanding Crimson Tide player performances in NCAA Tournament games Alabama lost.

Listed below, broken down into three positions of Guard, Forward and Center are 10 players for the Alabama Crimson Tide All-Time NCAA Tournament team. Narrowing the list down to 10 players proved quite difficult. More than 10 Alabama players had at least one NCAA Tournament game that warranted inclusion in the Alabama Crimson Tide All-Time list. To acknowledge the worthy others a seven-player NCAA Tournament Honorable Mention list is included as well.

There are no rankings for the 10 best or the next group of seven players. Any ranking would be unnecessarily subjective.