Alabama Crimson Tide All-Time NCAA Tournament Team

Going into Friday's 50th NCAA Tournament game for the Alabama Crimson, look back at Alabama's All-Time best players in the Big Dance.

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Alabama Basketball All-Time NCAA Tournament Forwards

  • Derrick McKey - In the 1987 NCAA Tournament, McKey had two outstanding games against North Carolina A&T and New Orleans. Against the Privateers, McKey had 26 points, five blocks, and four assists. Against North Carolina A&T, Derrick scored 25 points, along with 14 rebounds, two assists and two blocks.
  • Jim Farmer - In the 1986 and 1987 seasons, Farmer scored over 20 points in each of three, Big Dance games. His high of 29 points came against North Carolina A&T. Against Xavier in 1986 and Providence in 1987, he scored 24 points.
  • Kennedy Winston - Winston had four noteworthy NCAA Tournament games. His best was a 19-point, five assists, and three steals game against Syracuse in 2004. Against Stanford that same season, Winston had 21 points, seven rebounds, and three steals. In the 2005 season, Winston scored 20 points in the loss to Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  • Robert Horry - In the 1990, 1991 and 1992 seasons, 'Big-Game Bob' scored 136 points. His scoring highs came against Colorado State in 1990 (27 points), against Murray State in 1991 (21 points) and in the Loyola-Marymount loss in 1990 (21 points). Horry also had 18 points, 11 rebounds, and three steals in a loss to Arkansas in 1991.