Alabama Crimson Tide needs a Sweet 16 unlike almost all the others

A good idea for the Alabama Crimson Tide is to exclusively look forward and not back to the program's NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen history.
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Mar. 1987 - Louisville, KY - Providence Friars vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

As a 2-Seed, Alabama was the favorite over Rick Pitino's 6-Seed Providence. The game was a mismatch, but not in favor of Alabama. The phrase 'running into a buzzsaw' was not coined for the game, but that is exactly what happened to Alabama.

Alabama shot 64% in the first half and trailed by eight points. In the second half, Bama cooled and the Friars scorched. Pitino's duo of Delray Brooks and Billy 'the Kid' Donovan were practically unstoppable. Providence shot 69% for the game, including 64% from outside the arc. The final score was a 103-82 Alabama loss.

Mar. 1990 - Oakland, CA - Loyola Marymount Lions vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

LMU was a lowly 11-Seed, but one with a fast-paced, high-scoring offense. Alabama was the 7-Seed in the West Region and Tide coach, Wimp Sanderson later called his plan for the Lions the worst coaching decision of his career. Wimp decided to slow down LMU. It almost worked because LMU, having averaged over 122 points during the season, scored just 62 points. Slowing down the game also hurt the Alabama offense. Even with the slow pace, pressure defense by LMU led to 24 Alabama turnovers, resulting in a 62-60 loss.