Alabama Football an attractive landing spot for OC candidates

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To reiterate, it would definitely be a loss for Alabama if Ryan Grubb chose to jump to the NFL. Not only is he a high-level offensive coordinator, but he has valuable relationships with Coach DeBoer and several other members of the staff.

He has also already begun to build relationships with the current roster and several of Bama's recruiting targets. Having to replace Grubb so quickly would not be good for chemistry or optics, and the timing would be awkward heading into spring practice.  

If Alabama Football fans are looking for reasons to be optimistic, national media pundits have stated that Grubb was recruiting for the Tide as recently as last week, and he has not so much as interviewed for the Seahawks job.

Don’t count him out too quickly, and rest assured that Kalen DeBoer is more than capable of finding a quality replacement if necessary.