Alabama Football: Breaking down Ryan Grubb's past offenses by the numbers

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What this means for the Alabama Football program

The Alabama Football program will likely look more like the high-powered offense we saw under Steve Sarkisian than the offenses we saw under Tommy Rees and Bill O'Brien. The player we may see take the biggest step in this offense is Jalen Milroe. While Milroe was a Heisman candidate in 2023, Grubb's scheme will help Milroe develop as a passer, hopefully leading to a more explosive offense. Justice Haynes enters the season with more talent than Dillon Johnson seemingly had, which is a positive for what the Alabama Football team may look like rushing the ball.

The position that needs to take the biggest step and may be the most likely to take that step is the wide receiver group. Grubb's offense has helped receivers develop into highly productive players while balancing a solid rushing attack to supplement the high-powered passing attack.

The Alabama Football team in 2024 will likely feature more downfield passes than we've seen in the past few seasons. The play-action passing attack will be something that Alabama Football fans come to love as the play designs and schemes lead to wide-open receivers more often than not. If Grubb can implement a lot of what made him successful at Washington, the Alabama Football team will have one of the Nation's most explosive offenses, which should have the Tide in National Championship contention.

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