Alabama Football: Butch Jones said what?

Tennessee v Alabama
Tennessee v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Former Alabama Football assistant Butch Jones has been widely popularized and criticized for some of the things he's said. He's made wild statements in the past saying the only stars he cares about in recruiting are "five-star hearts". The most famous of his ridiculous quotes is the following:

"They've won the biggest championship, and that's the championship of life"

Butch Jones

However, when recently discussing his time as an assistant for the Alabama Football team Jones compared himself to Nick Saban himself:

"I always thought, using my head-coaching experience, if I had somebody in this role, what would I want from them? And the amazing thing is Coach Saban and I think identical."

Butch Jones

Butch Jones and Nick Saban are identical thinkers? One head coach is 95-80 and 4-3 in bowl games with is biggest win coming in the Outback Bowl. The other coach is 292-70-1 with seven national championships, eleven national championships, 21 different coach of the year awards, and has more players and coaches in the pros than most coaches could ever dream of.

To compare yourself to one of the greatest to ever do it is both ignorant and just wrong. Butch Jones is only back as a head coach thanks to Nick Saban taking him into the Alabama Football program to build his reputation back up. If Jones and Saban are such identical thinkers then why isn't he still coaching at Tennesee winning championships and reaching all of the pinnacles that Saban has?

Alabama Football: There's only one Nick Saban

In the world of College Football there will only ever be one Nick Saban. Winning Championships at two different schools and building strong programs at two other schools is so difficult to do especially as we get deeper into the NIL era. Past assistants like Kirby Smart and Lane Kiffin have both praised Nick Saban and have admitted they learned so much from Nick Saban and that he's made them the coaches they are today. Jones did reveal he will be in Pasadena to watch the Alabama Football team in the Rose Bowl.