Alabama Football: It's going to get ugly ... before it is not.

Greg Byrne and Nick Saban have a transition plan for Alabama Football. Until it can be executed, things could get ugly in Tuscaloosa.
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I'm pretty sure the story of numerous college football programs sending Brinks trucks to Tuscaloosa is a lie. But only because money exchanges are now done electronically. I am more sure that some current Alabama football players are about to experience a financial bonanza. The Alabama Football program is under siege by a never-before-seen level of tampering.

Multiple statements have come from Alabama football insiders that Crimson Tide players were being bombarded with contact on Wednesday afternoon and night. Crimson Tide fans want to know how many, and who will be lured away. We don't know, but the next three or four days will provide answers.

Greg Byrne and the University of Alabama must act quickly to protect the roster. No doubt Byrne and others were executing a plan before Nick Saban made his retirement announcement. Some in the media, lusting for sizzle, started 'falling dominoes' stories to suggest the run on Crimson Tide players will be deep. Maybe so - it will be painful for Alabama fans. It will be ugly too, in a far worse way than Nick Saban envisioned when he asked years ago, did college football really want free agency.

Greg Byrne has a history of acting quickly and he will again this time. One reason why is because he and Nick Saban will have done the necessary groundwork for this time. Byrne always had to be prepared to replace Nick Saban. And Nick Saban was never, not going to help the transition plan be successful.

One of the Wednesday night rumors was that players were asked to put transfer decisions on hold for 72 hours. That interval helps little if a deal for a new coach is not imminent. Not all of them will have the patience to wait, but many will and Byrne must know if he misses that window, exits will be rapid.

Rumors will be rampant, so keep in mind, that those who 'know' what is happening will not be talking until a deal is done. My hunch is a new hire will be done and a public announcement made sometime Thursday. Deals can come apart right up to the end, but I have confidence Greg Byrne and Nick Saban will not miss on their top choice. After all, not many coaches get a chance to be the head coach of the greatest program in college football history.

Until then, it is not crazy to chase down private plane travel into Tuscaloosa from points west.

As Greg Byrne stated on Wednesday, the process will be "thorough and expedient."

"There will be plenty of rumors out there during the process. Next time I talk publicly will be to announce our new coach. If you don't hear it from me don't believe it."

Greg Byrne

When the ugly run on Crimson Tide players ends, Alabama Football and a new head coach will be fine.