Alabama Football: Hating Nick Saban is so outdated for today's college football

In a reversal some fans are yet to understand, Alabama Football and Nick Saban are poised to save college football.
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For at least several months, the clues have been obvious that Alabama Football coach Nick Saban is a changed man. Some have suggested that becoming a grandfather has mellowed Saban more than anything. Along with that stage of his life, it could also be that the hardest to please man in college football has learned to relish satisfaction.

For those who have not noticed the change, all that is needed is a closer-than-normal look - with an open mind. Nick Saban of today, smiles and laughs easily. Maybe because he sees an end in the not-distant future, Saban appears to relish almost everything about his lifetime passion. Sure he still hates bad officiating and stupid questions in media sessions continue to rankle him. He continues to demand excellence from everyone involved in the Alabama Football program. And as he has for decades, he still demands perfection from himself.

But when reality presents less than excellence and perfection, Nick Saban sheds rather than struggles and quickly moves on.

Whatever the rest of Nick Saban's career brings, he will always be college football's greatest coach. In a period of life when most men are fading, Saban is doing his best work ever. The transformation of the 2023 Alabama Football team from 'dead and done' in September to a likely National Champion has been extraordinary.

CFB Needs Alabama Football and Nick Saban

In a recent story by USA Today's Blake Toppmeyer, a positive perspective on Sabana and the Alabama Crimson Tide is explained.

"Whether you cheered Alabama’s dynasty or rooted against it, no one can say Saban and his Crimson Tide didn’t earn their place.

Now here comes Michigan trying to cheat its way to the front of the line. I suppose I should add the perfunctory “alleged” cheating label, although the evidence is piled so high against Connor Stalions, a central figure in this scandal, that the Michigan analyst resigned in shame."

Blake Toppmeyer

What Toppmeyer added should be taken to heart by not just Crimson Tide fans.

"Saban would be doing the sport a favor if he gave Harbaugh a swirly in the Rose Bowl while Alabama unmasked these No. 1-ranked Wolverines as impostors, like they were the past two seasons when they exited the playoff’s first round with their tail between their legs."

Blake Toppmeyer

Toppmeyer nailed it when he wrote,

"... as college sports scandals kept piling up, there was Saban, whose most persistent fault is never letting the weaklings win.

Compare that to a cheater, and Saban and Alabama start to look like the hero college football needs in Pasadena, California."

Blake Toppmeyer

Nick Saban - a hero to more than Alabama Crimson Tide fans; the best CFB story of the year.

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