Alabama Football: Jermaine Burton snaps back at Taylor Lewan

The Alabama WR has seen what Michigan Alums have been saying and gave his input.
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Ever since the College Football Playoff Committee revealed its rankings Michigan Alumni of both football and social media fame have been giving their input on why they think this time around they'll beat Alabama Football. This is the same fan base that screamed they were back to glory before getting dominated by the Georgia Bulldogs 34-11 in 2021 and then penciled themselves into the National Championship only to allow TCU to hang 51 points on their defense.

Michigan Alumni and former NFL pro bowler Taylor Lewan has been one of the outspoken alumni on social media saying the following on his podcast "Bussin with the Boys"

"Here's what I'll say about Alabama when it was first announced myself knowing from my past traumas from dealing with Alabama when Alabama was a dynasty from when they were real. I was like damn I hope that doesn't happen again. I've watched the film of USF I've watched some of these games. Let me tell you right now if you're a Michigan fan watching this show: We've got nothing to worry about Michigan top to bottom is a better ball club, they're better coached, they're better put together, they're tougher, they're stronger, and we're running 34 dive right up that ass at the Rose Bowl."

Taylor Lewan

The struggles with Alabama Football Lewan is referencing is the 2012 matchup between these two teams when Alabama throttled Michigan 41-14 holding the Wolverines to 69 yards on 29 carries. The film he references of USF, a game where Alabama played it's two backup quarterbacks one of whom is transferring to play lacrosse and still held the USF team to three points.

These words got to Alabama Football Wide Receiver Jermaine Burton who said the following:

"@TaylorLewan don't like you wish you still played for em"

Jermaine Burton

Alabama Football: More Bulletin board material for Rose Bowl

Taylor Lewan provided the Alabama Football team with another piece of motivation ahead of the biggest matchup in the history of this rivalry. Not only did he say he thinks the Wolverines will win he said that Alabama's weaker, not as tough, not well coached, and less talented. He also seemingly skipped over watching Michigan tape for most of this season as he thinks they're some juggernaut. There was no mention of Michigan being unable to pass against Penn State or Maryland. He forgot to mention how they only played three real games all season with the rest coming against teams that would be underdogs by 40-plus points against Alabama. Considering a team better coached because their coach was suspended twice seems that the team should be considered resilient not greatly coached. Fortunately, we will all get to see this game play out Lewan better hope for his social media presence that his words don't come back to bite him.