Alabama Football: Kalen DeBoer opens Crimson Tide career impressively

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With Nick and Terry Saban seated in the front row, Alabama Football, new head coach, Kalen DeBoer introduced himself to the Crimson Tide nation.

Kalen DeBoer provided evidence of why he was a top candidate identified by Greg Byrne. He was humble, sincere, and confident, all evident with undercurrents of intelligence and determination. It is hard to imagine any Crimson Tide fan who watched, not being impressed.

Nick Saban's shadow covers not just the Alabama Football program, but the world of college football. On Saturday, Kalen DeBoer came across as a man who will not be bothered by that shadow in the least. DeBoer acknowledged the value of having Saban's knowledge and advice as a daily resource.

We cannot know how close a bond the two coaches will develop, but no doubt the two men have the same goals and objectives for the Alabama program.

Kalen DeBoer Introductory Press Conference Quotes

Kalen DeBoer said it was impossible to fill Nick Saban's shoes, but every indication on Saturday was for the near future, which could be many months, maybe even years, DeBoer hopes to rely on Nick Saban.

"He’s the best in the business to ever do it. I’m just going to make sure that’s all known, that’s how I feel. And 100% access to everything. I would be a fool if that wasn’t the case, I would be a fool. I’m going to ask him that he shows up and make sure he gives me at least one thing every day."

Kalen DeBoer

"If you’re truly a competitor, who doesn’t wanna be a part of that ultimate top end goal of being at the top- being the best?"

Kalen DeBoer

Other Kalen DeBoer Quotes

  • "I understand there needs to be some SEC ties, some Southeast ties that can help bridge the gap of maybe my experiences here"
  • "Our offense will be quarterback-driven. We need to make sure the skill around him is all a threat to score from anywhere on the football field"

The most interesting thing that was learned on Saturday was about Greg Byrne's timing. Byrne traveled to Seattle the same day Nick Saban announced his retirement. It was also the first time Byrne and DeBoer had met. Less than 48 hours later, DeBoer was Alabama's coach. It is clear DeBoer was in the top two or three targets for Byrne, from the start. It could well be the only other serious offer went to Steve Sarkisian, and not Dan Lanning or Mike Norvell.

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