Alabama Football: Maybe Nick Saban is not leaving

Like clockwork, Nick Saban arrived at the Alabama Football offices early Thursday morning. It looks like Saban may not leaving and is maybe only changing his role.
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The current situation for the Alabama Football program is fluid. Many outsiders claim to know what is happening. Only insiders know anything of substance, and all the way up to Greg Byrne and University of Alabama President, Stuart Bell, those most in the know likely don't know what closure will be and when.

One of the insiders who it appears also does not have complete answers is Nick Saban. As reported by ESPN's Chris Low, Nick Saban will continue to have a role.

"I'm always going to be here for Alabama however they need me"

Nick Saban

Nick Saban's next role for the University of Alabama is not known. It may as yet, not be fully defined.

Thanks to Chris Low, we now know that even though Nick Saban was working as the Tide's head coach up to when he met with his players, the retirement decision was not a spur-of-the-moment action. Low remembered that a few weeks ago, Nick Saban had told him,

"14-hour days were a lot harder to navigate at 72 than they were at 62 and (he) reiterated that Thursday"

Chris Low

Based on Low's conversation with Saban, Nick, and Terry Saban made a decision several days earlier. While Saban mentioned his health as a factor when he met with the players, there is no indication he or Miss Terry had received any recent or dire medical news.

Chris low shared a comment from Saban, that should comfort Alabama Crimson Tide fans.

"I want to be there for the players, for the coaches, anything I can do to support them during this transition ... There are a lot of things to clean up, to help as we move forward. I'm still going to have a presence here at the university in some form and trying to figure out all that and how it works. This is a place that will never be too far away from Miss Terry's and my hearts."

Will a prospective next Crimson Tide head coach be deterred by Saban's statement? In the sense that he would not want the GOAT looking over his shoulder, maybe that could be a factor. But if the new guy is a 'Saban guy' any help or advice from Nick should be welcome.

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