Alabama Football Nick Saban Era Part 2 - The 2007 Turnaround

Nick Saban's Alabama Football rebuild was fast, even with a rough start in 2007 as the Crimson Tide finished 7-6.
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The Alabama Football program was decayed before Nick Saban. Blaming Mike Shula is unfair. He gamely tried to resurrect the Crimson Tide. But the hole, some involved with the University of Alabama had so deeply dug, was too much for Shula. It would have also been too much for many established college football coaches.

Reportedly, Alabama legend, Sylvester Croom very much wanted to replace Dennis Franchione after the 2002 season. Alabama hired Mike Shula instead. Many Alabama fans revere Croom and he is respected across the football world. Alabama may have done Croom a favor by not hiring him. Mississippi State hired him a season later. His 2007 Bulldogs team beat Alabama.

The loss to Mississippi State was one of six for Nick Saban and Alabama in 2007. Despite the 7-6 record, some argue 2007 was one of Nick Saban's best coaching performances.

Alabama was beyond repair when Nick Saban arrived. Demolition was required before a rebuild. The Crimson Tide had close losses in 2006. But it was clearly a team that did not know how to win. The 2006 Crimson Tide lost seven of its last 10 games, resulting in a 6-7 record.

In early 2007 Nick Saban preached that as a team Alabama knew far too little about how preparation was the foundation of success. Many Alabama players listened, but too many others did not and some were among the Tide's most talented athletes.