Alabama Football: Rose Bowl CFBP Semi-Final Game Prediction

Why Alabama Football will beat Michigan and win the Rose Bowl, and a score prediction for the Playoff semi-final game.
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Let's cut to the chase - Alabama Football is going to beat Michigan Monday night in the Rose Bowl. The Crimson Tide's Rose Bowl record will move to 6-1-1, not including the National Championship Game win over Texas that was also played in the Rose Bowl Stadium.

No disrespect is intended against the Michigan Wolverines. They are a worthy foe. This Michigan team is deep in experience and is well-coached. Alabama has more game-changing talent, but the Wolverines include some outstanding players. Michigan plays tough and physical football and will not be intimidated by the historical success of the Alabama Football program and Nick Saban.

There are reasons the game could be close. Michigan does not beat itself. Though they have not played a particularly tough schedule, not all their stats can be explained by weak opponents. The Wolverines are No. 1 in the FBS in turnover margin. Michigan has lost two fumbles and thrown five interceptions. Their opponents have lost eight fumbles and been intercepted 16 times.

In comparison to Michigan's turnover margin of +17, Alabama's margin is +8 and tied for No. 17 in the FBS.

Another stat is a tribute to the discipline of the Michigan team. They are No. 1 in the FBS at just 38 penalties in 13 games. In the Crimson Tide's 13 games, Bama has been penalized 75 times, putting the Tide in the bottom half of FBS teams at No. 72.

Between evenly matched teams, the team with a turnover and penalty advantage often wins. Should Alabama football fans be concerned? My answer is the teams are not evenly matched. While Michigan will not beat itself, the Crimson Tide has more overall talent, more speed and Nick Saban. Give Nick Saban and his assistants a month to prepare and the Crimson Tide gains another advantage.

The 2024 Rose Bowl should be a great game. Both teams will be highly motivated. Neither one will back down or wilt from adversity.

Alabama Football Rose Bowl Game Prediction

Unless Alabama helps Michigan win, I see an Alabama 27 - Michigan 17 win. A 14-point winning margin for the Crimson would be no surprise.

My confidence in the Crimson Tide has much to do with how difficult it will be for Michigan to defend Jalen Milroe. But there are other reasons for a Tide win. Michigan fans think the Tide's defense and offensive line are weaknesses. But Bama is far better on the offensive line and in the secondary.

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