Do any of Alabama Football's SEC opponents have a Coordinator advantage?

With Alabama Football having a new coaching staff, do any of the Tide's '24 SEC opponents have an advantage at Coordinator?

Alan Youngblood / USA TODAY NETWORK

Alabama football fans have a long wait to measure the quality of the new Crimson Tide coaching staff. Some insight (but not much) will come from the A-Day Game. Otherwise, it will be many months before the new Alabama coaching staff matches wits with an opponent in a game.

Almost universally, Crimson Tide fans are confident in Kalen DeBoer. Though with somewhat less enthusiasm, that same optimism extends to the Crimson Tide's new Coordinators. As defined by titles Kalen DeBoer has a total of five Coordinators and Co-Coordinators. They are Offensive Coordinator, Nick Sheridan, Co-Offensive Coordinator JaMarcus Shepard, Defensive Coordinator Kane Wommack, Co-Defensive Coordinator Maurice Linguist, and Co-Defensive Coordinator Colin Hitschler.

What are the chances the Tide's new brain trust will get outcoached by any opposing SEC Coordinators? Any answer must consider the roster talent available to each group of coaches.

The Coordinators for six of the Crimson Tide's SEC opponents are listed below. Vanderbilt and South Carolina are not included because of the disparity in roster talent with the 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Georgia Bulldogs Coordinators

  • Offensive Coordinator - Mike Bobo
  • Defensive Coordinator - Glen Schumann
  • Co-DC - Travaris Robinson

Georgia might have a slight edge over the Crimson Tide with Mike Bobo being more experienced than Nick Sheridan.

Tennessee Vols Coordinators

Alabama has a clear advantage on the offensive side and at least a small advantage on the defensive side.

Missouri Tigers Coordinators

  • Kirby Moore - Offensive Coordinator
  • Corey Batoon - Defensive Coordinator

Kirby Moore is a rising star among OCs, but the Crimson Tide has a decided advantage with its 2024 staff. Corey Batoon is being asked to make a big move up to battle SEC offenses.

LSU Bengal Tigers Coordinators

  • Joe Sloan - Offensive Coordinator
  • Blake Baker - Defensive Coordinator

Joe Sloan has a major challenge to build an LSU offense without Jayden Daniels. Promoted from QB coach by Brian Kelly, Sloan may do a great job - and maybe not. Baker is a solid addition after two strong seasons at Missouri. Mark up the Crimson Tide with a decided advantage.

Oklahoma Sooners Coordinators

  • Seth Littrell - Offensive Coordinator
  • Joe Jon Finley - Co-OC
  • Todd Bates - Co-Defensive Coordinator

Zac Alley has never coached Power Five players and as a result, is mostly an unknown commodity. Alabama has a clear advantage on Offense and Defense.

Auburn Tigers Coordinators

  • Derrick Nix - Offensive Coordinator
  • D.J. Durkin - Defensive Coordinator

The well-travelled Durkin is respected as a good coach. Nix will succeed or fail based on whether Freeze's offense becomes more potent in 2024. If it doesn't Nix might be the next Auburn fall-guy. Advantage Alabama by a mile.