Alabama Football: Tide didn't belong argument is the wrong argument

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

The sentiment in the media and social media is that the Alabama Football team didn't belong in the playoffs. This argument comes from an undefeated power five conference champion in Florida State being left out of the playoff and Georgia fans believing they somehow should've made the playoffs after losing the day before the decision was made to the Alabama Football team.

This debate, however really makes no sense if you watched last night's game and look at it from an unbiased point of view. The Michigan Wolverines were ranked in the top two for nearly the entire season and they got plenty of doubt based on their run-first approach. However, how can you say a team that lost in overtime on a game that came down to the final play didn't belong in the playoffs?

Is it fair that the Seminoles were left out with no losses? No, but the committee's job isn't to be fair; it's job is to pick the best four teams. Both one-loss teams that made the College Football playoffs had the ball with an opportunity to win the game when the game ended, and we probably got the best two semifinal games in the four-team playoff era that we ever have. Did Jalen Milroe play his best game against the Wolverines? Absolutely not, but the committee wasn't going to take a chance with a quarterback that never proved himself and with a team whose only big win besides LSU came against Louisville.

Does Georgia have an argument that they were one of the top four teams? Absolutely, they won back-to-back National Championships and lost a close game to Alabama with quality wins over Missouri, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. However, how would the committee ever watch the Alabama Football team beat the Bulldogs in the SEC Championship and then leave them out for the Bulldogs?

Alabama Football: Tide squandered every chance to win the Rose Bowl

All the credit belongs to Michigan, they outclassed Alabama Football with exotic blitz packages that derailed the Alabama passing attack. However, the Alabama Football team had plenty of chances to win the Rose Bowl.

Seth McLaughlin's two bad snaps in the third quarter most likely cost the Alabama Football team points. Jalen Milroe's fourth-quarter fumble gave Michigan tons of momentum and kept the Alabama Football team from killing more clock. The low snap on the final play of the game made it nearly impossible for the Alabama Football team to score.

At the end of the day, you can't say that a team that lost in overtime of a playoff game didn't belong in the playoffs.