Alabama Football: Transfer Portal closes with Crimson Tide down 15 players

Alabama Football's Saturday included two more announcements of exits to the NFL, plus the addition of two freshman signees for the 2024 class.
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The latest Alabama Football news on Saturday night was about Crimson Tide running back, Jase McClellan choosing NFL entry. Nick Kelly of the Tuscaloosa News wrote he heard on Friday that Jase will opt for the NFL rather than using his one more season of College eligibility.

The potential seven-man running back room we discussed on Thursday quickly moved to five for the 2024 season. The exits of Roydell Williams and McClellan made room for Saturday's addition, Daniel Hill, and the other incoming freshman Kevin Riley. The minus two veterans plus two freshmen puts the 2024 running back group at five players.

The Transfer Portal closed for entry at midnight Saturday night. Late additions are sometimes not known for a couple of days. As of now, the 2023 Alabama Crimson Tide has 15 scholarship players planning an exit through the Portal. One more on some lists is Thaiu Jones-Bell, but TJB was not on the 2023 roster.

UPDATE: On Sunday the list of exiting transfer players increased to 16 with Jake Pope entering the Transfer Portal.

Some former Alabama football players already have new teams. Florida State is expected to add Earl Little and Seth McLaughlin is reported to be joining Ohio State.

A total of 12, 2023 players currently plan to enter the 2024 NFL Draft. The most recent player announcement came on Saturday with wide receiver Jermaine Burton choosing the NFL.

Neither the Burton nor McClellan decision surprised Crimson Tide fans. Except for the fans, who having heard tampering rumors, were concerned Jase might transfer to Ole Miss.

Approximately 2,100 players have entered the 2024 Transfer Portal with around 750 having found a new team. Teams will continue to add players and the Portal will reopen from Apr. 15 through Apr. 30.

Alabama Football adding more transfer players

Based on an unconfirmed count, the Crimson Tide has 87 scholarship players for 2024. Two more freshmen commit are expected to sign in February and push the number to 89. The count of 89 includes the three transfers Alabama has added, plus the expected number of 27 freshmen.

If Nick Saban decides to add an experienced center and one other transfer player, the unconfirmed calculation would be 91 scholarship players. In that scenario, six more current Alabama football players would need to find a new team. The mandated 85-scholarship limit is not in effect until enrollment for fall classes.