Alabama Football: Why it is such a joy to be a Crimson Tide fan

The 2023 Alabama Football season ended in disappointment, but nothing in college football is as special as being a Crimson Tide fan.
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Losing hurts. But far worse than the loss of an Alabama football game, would be the dimming of the unique joy from being an Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

The Crimson Tide did not play its 'A' game in the Rose Bowl, except for special teams that were sensational. Otherwise, there was too much bad and not quite enough good. As Nick Saban said after the game, it was Alabama, more than Michigan that caused the loss.

As someone who has a long relationship with Alabama Football, I can easily say we have never had it so good. The Crimson Tide had great runs in the 1960s and 1970s. They produced six National Championships (along with one that was unfairly not bestowed), but those runs did not equal the Nick Saban Era.

During the four-team CFB Playoff era, in only one season was the Crimson Tide, not a national championship contender. Even that 2019 season had 'what ifs' because of injuries to Tua Tagovailoa.

There were crushing losses during the period. There were even a few embarrassing defeats. But, (pun intended), the disappointments were drowned in tides of joy.

Alabama Football - CFB Playoff

Let's compare Alabama's success during the Playoff era to the other four programs that have won National Championships. In the 2014-2023 seasons, Alabama won 127 games. Closest in wins to the Tide is Clemson with 119 wins, followed by Ohio State with 115 and Georgia with 114. LSU is a distant fifth with 90 wins. Note: Ohio State only played eight games in the 2020 season.

The National Championships won were three for the Crimson Tide, two each for Clemson and Georgia, with Ohio State and LSU winning one each.

Alabama played in six of the nine National Championship games, eclipsing the record of Clemson with four and Georgia with three.

Other fanbases, fed by many in the national media, will gleefully point to the Rose Bowl loss as the tipping point in a Crimson Tide demise. Nick Saban will be predicted to retire soon. Some will claim that Saban should retire because his championship magic is gone.

Alabama football fans can freely ignore all the nonsense, and anticipate what is yet to come.

The 2024 Alabama Crimson Tide roster will be unsettled through the A-Day game. Some transfers could occur into the summer. When the 2024 roster is set, holes will have been filled with so much promise the 2023 season could be considered a rebuilding year.

It is not over fellow Crimson Tide fans, and Alabama Football is moving forward, as it was before the Rose Bowl loss - as college football's greatest program.

Note: Playoff and season records provided by and Sports Reference.