An Alabama Football Era ends with Nick Saban's retirement

An Alabama Football Era has ended in Tuscaloosa with the sudden announcement about Nick Saban deciding to retire from coaching football.
Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

On Wednesday afternoon ESPN's Chris Low reported news Alabama football fans did not expect for many more seasons. Nick Saban has decided to retire from coaching football. Most in the college football world are surprised. Fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide are stunned in the deepest sense the word stunned can apply.

There will never be another Nick Saban. Not for Alabama Football. Not for college football. With his seven National Championships, Saban will also be college football's GOAT.

In 28 seasons as a college football head coach, including 17 seasons in Tuscaloosa, Nick Saban's teams won 297 games. His record for the Crimson Tide was 206-29. He finishes his career as college football's No. 5 in total wins, with an incredible winning percentage at Alabama of 87.7%.

With current rules, newly signed Alabama players will have a window to change their minds about joining the Crimson Tide.

Players possibly leaving is not the biggest problem for the Alabama Football program. A bigger problem is what head coach, worthy of being hired, wants to follow Nick Saban? Stepping into Saban's footsteps in Tuscaloosa will take a high level of confidence, determination, along with no small degree of courage.

While many coaches would be interested in the opportunity to lead the Alabama Football program, these circumstances are unique. Some not Alabama fans may argue otherwise, but no coach in college football history has had to follow such a legend.

No doubt Nick Saban has given Greg Byrne a short list of names. It is even possible that Saban and Byrne already have a first choice ready to make the bold move. As important as the transition is, something else is more immediately pressing.

Alabama Crimson Tide fans should shower Nick and Terry Saban with our appreciation of what the couple has done for the University of Alabama, the city of Tuscaloosa, the state of Alabama and the world of college football. Nick and Terry Saban will be followed. They will never be replaced.

Alabama fans, rest assured Bama Hammer will stay on this story for every bit of worthwhile information that we can pass along to our readers. Speculation of the Crimson Tide's next head coach has already begun. The suggestions seen so far are laughable.