Counter to pundit opinion Kalen DeBoer can take time choosing new Crimson Tide assistants

Kalen DeBoer has key vacancies on his Alabama Football staff, but making the right choices is far more important than acting quickly.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Many Alabama football fans are still smarting from the reversals of Crimson Tide assistants (or almost assistants), Ryan Grubb and Scott Huff leaving for the NFL. Alabama AD, Greg Byrne stated Kalen DeBoer was not blindsided by the exits. The statement suggested new hires would happen quickly. Nothing has happened yet, but realistically 'quickly' should be interpreted as in a week or so, compared to the sprint pace Byrne used when hiring DeBoer.

Many names have been mentioned as possibilities, including splitting the Offensive Coordinator role between two recent hires; JaMarcus Shepard and Nick Sheridan. Both know plenty about Kalen DeBoer's offense from their stints with DeBoer at Washington. In Sheridan's case, he was also the tight ends coach when DeBoer was the OC at Indiana. Shepard had OC duties at Purdue, while Sheridan took over as OC at Indiana after DeBoer left to become the Fresno State head coach.

Alabama Football has a Kalen DeBoer Offense

Crimson Tide fans hoping for a bigger name OC, might want to remember two things. The Kalen DeBoer offense will not be diminished by the exit of Ryan Grubb. Just as Crimson Tide defenses were Nick Saban's defenses, the same is true with DeBoer's offense. With no Ryan Grubb, Alabama needs a play-caller and someone to work with the quarterbacks. The Tide already has its offense and it is a good one.

The second thing is DeBoer, in his first Crimson Tide season, likely prefers to hire someone he has worked with before. The Alabama offensive roster must learn a new system and DeBoer probably does not want to be teaching it to a new coach as well.

A current SEC Offensive Coordinator, Kirby Moore checks the DeBoer boxes, having been a wide receiver and passing game coordinator coach with DeBoer at Fresno State. Moore would have to be pried away from Missouri. After his strong performance as OC for the Tigers last season, Moore received a contract extension.

Some Alabama fans believe the hiring of an offensive line assistant is as pivotal to the Tide's future as the next OC. If Moore gets a Bama offer, he might want to bring Missouri's OL coach with him, Brandon Jones.

Pulling the Missouri pair to Tuscaloosa could take some time. Alabama and DeBoer do not have to rush. Spring practice is over a month away.

Will Crimson Tide fans be patient? If they aren't some blame can go to Paul Finebaum, who recently said he is "very troubled by Ryan Grubb's exit." Several Finebaum wannabes, including one who writes for, have also sounded alarms. Wisely, most Alabama Crimson Tide fans do not give such nonsense much attention.