EA Sports names six Alabama Football players in its top-100

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

With EA Sports’ college football video game making its long-awaited return this summer, there has been no shortage of leaked information designed to promote the game’s release. The most recent tidbit was a top-100 list of the best players in the game, a list that included six Alabama standouts. 

Redshirt sophomore center Parker Brailsford (ranked no. 32 overall) and graduate safety Malachi Moore (no. 35) topped the list for the Tide with 92 overall ratings. Guards Tyler Booker (no. 43) and Jaeden Roberts (no. 60) both came in with overall ratings of 91, solidifying a dominant interior offensive line for the Tide.

Redshirt junior quarterback Jalen Milroe (no. 71) and redshirt junior inside linebacker Deontae Lawson (no. 76) were granted ratings of 90 overall. Milroe and Lawson, who may be the captains of the offense and defense respectively, will have major leadership roles on the 2024 team. 

While Bama landing six players in the top-100 is very impressive, there are some points of contention that Bama fans could make. 

The fact that the Tide doesn’t have a player in the top-30 despite being arguably the most talented team in the sport is certainly interesting. According to 247Sports' team talent composite, the Tide had the most talent by a wide margin in 2023 before bringing in another top class in 2024. One would expect such a loaded team, coming off an SEC Championship and playoff berth, to have a top-30 player.

Additionally, Alabama would have just one first-team All-American according to these rankings. Washington transfer Parker Brailsford is the highest-ranked center in the game and therefore would receive that honor.

While Malachi Moore got his due respect in these rankings, he is listed behind several other talented safeties, including former Bama standout Caleb Downs. Tyler Booker and Jaeden Roberts are both well-respected at the guard spots, but Georgia’s Tate Ratledge and Jacksonville State’s Clay Webb would be EA’s first team guards. 

For reference, the Walter Camp Football Foundation gives Booker and kicker Graham Nicholson first-team nods while putting Brailsford and punter James Burnip on its second team.

Which Bama players got left out?

While the six honorees from Alabama are very deserving, it feels like there are a couple wrongful omissions from EA’s top-100 list. 

Junior linebacker Jihaad Campbell showed dominant tendencies last season and probably deserved a mention. Defensive tackle Tim Keenan III was also highly productive last year and should’ve been at least strongly considered. Even sophomore offensive tackle Kadyn Proctor, who struggled in 2023, showed plenty of the potential that had him projected as a future first-round pick coming out of high school. In the latter half of the regular season, he looked like a force at left tackle that very well could’ve been a top-100 returning player. 

Kicker Graham Nicholson and punter James Burnip are two of the nation's best at their respective positions. While it can be tough to determine where specialists should fall in a list like this, the argument could be made that these two game-changing players should've made the cut.

Some players, like running backs Jam Miller and Justice Haynes and wide receiver Germie Bernard, just haven’t produced enough to make a list like this. However, their production is not reflective of their talent. All three of these offensive weapons might be top-100 caliber players by season’s end. Even freshman wide receiver Ryan Williams, who has never taken a collegiate snap, could prove to be one of the sport’s best in 2024. 

Of course, preseason player rankings have to depend more on proven production than potential. While they may be exciting to look at for impatient gamers, these rankings shouldn’t be taken too seriously in terms of the real 2024 college football season.