Final 5-Star parade led by Alabama Football and Georgia

In the final '24 class player rankings provided by On3, Alabama and Georgia lead the rest of college football with four 5-Stars each.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Leading the way with '24 class 5-Stars is impressive for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Arguably, more impressive is having the most Top 100 players (10) in the 2024 class, based on the final On3 Player Rankings.

The new era of Alabama Football took repeated body blows in the transition from Nick Saban to Kalen DeBoer. Nearly at the end of the traditional annual recruiting cycle, the Crimson Tide stands strong. In fairness to the naysayers, how well Alabama does in its 2025 and 2026 classes will define its recruiting strength in the new era. What Kalen DeBoer and his staff accomplished under such duress indicates attracting talent will not be a problem in future years.

Alabama's new Top 100 players are listed below. Before that review, take a look at the dominance of the SEC again, in landing elite recruits. Based on the On3 list of 32, 5-Stars, 66% of them will play on SEC teams. Along with the four each from Alabama and Georgia, 13 others joined nine other SEC teams. LSU gained three, 5-Stars. Florida and South Carolina added two each. Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and Auburn finished with one 5-Star each.

The SEC compared to other conferences in 5-Star talent

  • SEC - 21, 2024 class 5-Stars
  • ACC - 5, 2024 class 5-Stars
  • Big Ten - 3, 2024 class 5-Stars
  • Big 12 - 2, 2024 class 5-Stars
  • One 5-Star was also landed by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The lack of success by the expanded Big Ten is stunning. It appears Michigan's National Championship had no impact on attracting players to the Big Ten.

Alabama Football 2024 Class Top 100 players (based on On3)

  • No. 8 overall, 5-Star Wide Receiver - Ryan Williams
  • No. 17 overall, 5-Star Defensive Back - Zay Mincey
  • No. 30 overall, 5-Star Tight End - Caleb Odom
  • No. 31 overall, 5-Star Defensive Back - Jaylen Mbakwe
  • No. 46 overall, 4-Star Cornerback - Zabien Brown
  • No. 48 overall, 4-Star Interior Offensive Lineman - Casey Poe
  • No. 57 overall, 4-Star Edge - Noah Carter
  • No. 82 overall, 4-Star Running Back - Kevin Riley
  • No. 96 overall, 4-Star Defensive Lineman - Jeremiah Beaman
  • No. 100 overall, 4-Star Interior Offensive Lineman - William Sanders

A couple of players in the Top 100 are not locked in to a team. None of them are currently part of the Alabama Football 2024 class.