Five reasons why Alabama Basketball is here to stay

Alabama v Connecticut
Alabama v Connecticut / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2. Winning in different ways

Coach Oats’ fast-paced, run-and-gun style is one of the most fun systems in college basketball. When the Tide gets hot from outside, that system is on full display. One can go back through the Tide’s game logs and find several examples of Alabama hitting 15+ (and sometimes even north of 20) three-pointers and scoring well over 100 points while demolishing a hapless opponent.

This past season, Bama eclipsed the century mark 10 times and regularly scored in the 90s as the most potent offense in the country. 

However, Oats is a versatile coach who has shown the ability to win in different ways. The most recent iteration of the Crimson Tide struggled mightily when shots weren't falling, but that has not been typical of Oats-coached teams in Tuscaloosa. His previous three teams, two of which won the SEC regular season and tournament titles, were very stingy defensively and played great complementary basketball. The 2022-23 Crimson Tide, perhaps the best overall team in school history, was known for its offensive proficiency but was gritty enough to beat good teams even when shots weren’t falling. 

This adaptability is the sign of great teams and strong programs, and it makes Alabama very tough to beat on the court.