Five reasons why Alabama Basketball is here to stay

Alabama v Connecticut
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4. Versatility in roster building

This may be the greatest asset of the Crimson Tide basketball program. Coach Oats and company have proven to be elite at roster construction, seamlessly blending top high school recruits, experienced mid-major transfers, and returnees that always seem to develop well within the program.

Because of this, Alabama will never be short on talent under Oats. Just as important as the talent itself, Oats also has a knack for finding pieces that fit well together. This offseason has been no exception, with Alabama landing four top-50 high school prospects and four top-120 transfers while filling every major need on the roster.

Assistant coach Preston Murphy has spearheaded several of the Tide’s big recruiting wins as of late. His charismatic personality has allowed him to form close connections with high-caliber prospects, and his social media exploits have quickly made him a fan favorite.

In an interview on the Crimson Crossover podcast, Murphy cited Bama’s style and its similarity to the NBA game as a key advantage on the recruiting trail. He even made a point to mention that Alabama started out behind the curve on the spring transfer portal cycle due to its Final Four run. Clearly, the staff still managed to land a near-flawless portal haul relative to its needs.