Has Kadyn Proctor really matured?

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Kadyn Proctor made a lot of headlines this offseason. He was considered one of the top transfers in the country when he left Alabama to return to his home state and play for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Just a couple months later, Proctor was the subject of scrutiny and jokes when he re-entered the portal and came back to Alabama. 

While some were annoyed with the drama and the erratic nature of Proctor’s movements, most Alabama fans were happy to have their starting left tackle back in the fold. The former 5-star is expected to reclaim his starting spot this fall. He made headlines once again this week when his exclusive interview with Bama247 went public. In the interview, Proctor expressed regret for initially leaving Alabama and explained his reasons for coming back. 

Having just turned 19 years old earlier this week, Proctor has been through a lot over the last calendar year or so. In fact, it hasn’t even been 18 months since Nick Saban and Alabama flipped him from Iowa the first time. Proctor received a lot of heat from Iowa fans after that initial flip, and also caught it from Bama fans when he struggled in moments throughout his freshman season.

In a matter of months, Proctor wrapped up his freshman campaign (having shown much improvement, for the record), considered transferring, and then received the news of Coach Saban’s retirement before actually leaving Tuscaloosa. 

When the dust settled at the end of spring, however, the no. 2 transfer in the entire country was back at Alabama after all. By all accounts, the Crimson Tide welcomed him back with open arms. Proctor has stated he understands he will have to work extra hard to earn the respect of his coaches and teammates. In his words, he is a “different person” now. 

What will Year 2 look like for Kadyn Proctor?

Will this growth carry over to Saturdays this fall? Alabama will need Kadyn Proctor’s maturation to be on display both on and off the field.

Proctor has long been projected to one day be a first round draft pick, and he will be expected to reach or approach that potential this season. He should be one of the cornerstones, and one of the leaders, of what could be the best offensive line in college football. 

It’s almost hard to believe Proctor just wrapped up his freshman year of college. If Alabama fans are looking for a silver lining to the youngster’s turbulent first year, they would have to believe that the ups, downs, and public scrutiny only served to accelerate his development as a person. If Proctor’s own comments are any indication, he started to become a man throughout this process. That will only pay dividends for Alabama Football this fall.