In a transition season for Alabama Football, how much does history matter?

The Alabama Football program has a history of greatness like none others. Can that history make a positive impact on the post-Nick Saban era?
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Best College Football Programs by decade

  • 1920s - USC was No. 1 with a 92.5 ranking, followed by Notre Dame and Alabama. A little perspective on how different college football was then is the No. 5 and No. 6 teams were Vanderbilt and Dartmouth.
  • 1930s - Alabama Football was No. 1 with a 96 ranking, followed by Tennessee, Pitt, TCU, and Tulane.
  • 1940s - The top four were Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas, and Alabama. Georgia was No. 6 and Tennessee was No. 7.
  • 1950s - The top six were Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, and Tennessee. Alabama did not make the top ten, with the Crimson Tide record from the decade at 50-48-10.
  • 1960s - Alabama was No. 1 with a 94.4 ranking, followed by Arkansas, Texas, Ole Miss, and Michigan State. LSU was No. 6 and Tennessee was No. 10.
  • 1970s - Alabama was No. 1, with a 98.2 ranking, followed by Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Ohio State. LSU was No. 10.