Is Alabama Football losing its new Offensive Coordinator?

There has been speculation Alabama Football might lose its new Offensive Coordinator, Ryan Grubb if the NFL's Seattle Seahawks want to hire him.
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Social media and Alabama football message boards were spinning Thursday night. It was in response to speculation the Crimson Tide might lose its new Offensive Coordinator, Ryan Grubb to the Seattle Seahawks.

Numerous media sources 'reported' what appeared to be little more than a rumor that Grubb is "under consideration" to join new Seattle Head Coach, Mike Macdonald. Macdonald's recent hire gives the Seahawks the NFL's youngest head coach. He left the Defensive Coordinator position with the Baltimore Ravens to become a head coach for the first time at any level of football.

Seattle acted boldly in choosing Macdonald as Pete Carroll's successor. Shortly after he was hired, Macdonald stated he would hire a Defensive Coordinator, but that he would call Seattle's defensive plays.

Given that more hands-on, than CEO style of coaching, the choice of an Offensive Coordinator could be as pivotal to the Seahawks' success as was the hiring of Macdonald.

Ryan Grubb would be a popular hire in Seattle. So far, there has been no indication Grubb would be interested in a sudden move to leave Alabama Football for the NFL.

On the list of current Crimson Tide coaches does not include Ryan Grubb. But the list has only one name so far and that is Kalen DeBoer. Though new Crimson Tide assistants have been recruiting, their hires to the Alabama football staff have not been officially announced.

The quick reaction from Alabama fans is disappointment that Grubb might make a quick exit. There is also confidence that should he leave, DeBoer will be prepared to add another OC, more than capable of running DeBoer's offense. Alabama fans need to remember the offense is DeBoer's and not Grubb's, though the duo have made it successful.

Will Ryan Grubb bolt Alabama Football for the NFL?

As of late Thursday night, no Alabama football insiders are predicting Grubb will leave. All that is known is an unnamed source stated the Seahawks have an interest in Grubb. No source has said there are plans for an interview. No source has said that Ryan Grubb will be offered the Seattle OC position. No comments have been made by Ryan Grubb or Kalen DeBoer.

So Seattle might decide to interview Grubb and he might listen. If so, Grubb might be offered the job and he might take it. All of the 'mights' could also be 'might nots' and no one has a worthwhile prediction about any of it.

It can be said that Ryan Grubb has never been an OC for any coach other than Kalen DeBoer. That 'might' or 'might not' give Mike Macdonald and Seattle pause.