Is Bronny James somebody Alabama should consider in the Transfer Portal?

USC v Arizona
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Nate Oats has been very active in the transfer portal since coming to Tuscaloosa, and one of the questions I have is Bronny James someone Alabama should consider in the portal? After a less-than-memorable freshman season at USC, he is currently in the transfer portal and has put his name into the NBA draft. to see where he is graded. It is more than likely that he will return to college before the deadline, as it appears he is not currently NBA-ready. If he does decide to stay in college you would think there will be many interested schools due to his name alone. After coming off their first Final Four appearance there will be a lot of eyes on the Tide. You can imagine how much more attention the program would get if Lebron's son decided to bring his talents to Tuscaloosa.

As of now, there is no known interest between Alabama and Bronny, but you would think any guard currently in the transfer portal would give a thought to Alabama with Nate Oats' offensive-friendly system. Some think the younger James is only getting hype because of who his dad is, but I think he could thrive in Tuscaloosa. I would have to think his sophomore year, no matter where he chooses to go, will be much easier considering he will be more than a year removed from his heart issues that came about last summer.

We do know there is always a chance Bronny will keep his name in the NBA draft. It has always been a dream of Lebron to play with his son in the league. Based on his freshman season Bronny will probably go undrafted, making it possible for the Lakers to sign him as Lebron's career is comes to an end. If Bronny decides to come back to college, there is an early connection to Duquesne as Lebron's former high school teammate Drue Joyce III is the new coach going into the 2024-25 season. There will be several schools to show him interest. I think he is intriguing enough for Nate Oats to at least consider in his portal decisions. I can imagine how much Alabama would gain from getting such a big name. Plus it would be even more fun to see Lebron in Tuscaloosa.