Is the Alabama Crimson Tide vulnerable to a dark horse upset in the SEC Tournament?

Can the Alabama Crimson Tide propel itself to a Sunday SEC Championship Game or is Alabama vulnerable to a dark horse upset?
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LSU vs. Alabama

The Bengal Tigers have dropped three of their last four games. LSU's record is 8-9 and 16-14. Alabama has beaten them handily twice this season and LSU does not pose a serious dark horse risk against Alabama in the SEC Tournament.

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

The Rebels are 7-10 and 20-10. They have lost five of their last seven games. Ole Miss is not a good bet for an upset as an SEC Tournament dark horse.

Georgia vs. Alabama

The Bulldogs are 6-11 and 16-14. They have won two of their last three games, beating LSU and Ole Miss. Like Ole Miss, Georgia is not a dangerous EC Tournament dark horse.

Arkansas vs. Alabama

Arkansas is a bad team with too much roster talent to not be taken seriously. Balance that against the Arkansas SEC record of 6-11, without a single quality win and some bad blowouts. Alabama should cruise by them in the Tide's last regular season game and if they meet again in the SEC Tournament.