It's Championship or Bust for the Alabama Basketball Team

Clemson v Alabama
Clemson v Alabama / Harry How/GettyImages

In a complete role reversal in Tuscaloosa, it is championship or bust for the Alabama basketball team. This mindset is nothing new for the school, except for the first time in school history the expectations are being transferred from the gridiron to the hardwood.

Since its incredible run to the Final Four, Alabama basketball has been on fire and the hot streak of course continued this week with both Mark Sears and Jarin Stevenson deciding to run it back another year for the Crimson Tide. It is safe to say that on paper this is the most talented Alabama basketball team ever assembled and it may very well be the best team in the country heading into the 2024-25 basketball season.

Since Nate Oats has come to Tuscaloosa it has been an amazing ride as an Alabama basketball fan and just when it seemed it couldn't get any better it just may have. There is so much talent on this roster from top to bottom, and with this talent comes high expectations. This is the first time ever that there are better odds of Alabama winning a National Championship in basketball than football. Who would have ever thought we'd see that day?

The best part about this is the roster is a beautifully constructed mix of veterans and young players. In today's college game, the most successful teams seem to have a solid mix of seniors and talented freshman and Nate Oats has made sure there is a plethora of both on this team.

It is crazy what a difference a year makes. After losing in the Sweet 16 with Brandon Miller, I wasn't sure if Alabama would ever see a Final Four. It seemed 2023 was the perfect storm for the program's first Final Four appearance and it was devastating when the Tide came up short. Who knew that the team with so many new faces and so many questions going into the season would be the team to take the Tide to the program's first Final Four?

Now, not even two months after program history was made, it seems it is championship or bust for the Alabama basketball program. I am confident this team is eager to embrace this challenge and it should be a fun run from November to hopefully the first part of April.