Jalen Milroe may have already won the Alabama Crimson Tide QB1 job

The Alabama Crimson has the best quarterback room in college football. It could be that three sessions into Spring Camp, Jalen Milroe has already won the QB1 job.

Gary Cosby Jr.-Tuscaloosa News / USA

Is Jalen Milroe already locked in as QB1 for the Alabama Crimson Tide? Two opposite answers of yes and no are both correct. It is clear that Jalen Milroe is QB1 under new head coach, Kalen DeBoer. For that to change one of the Crimson Tide's three other very talented quarterbacks will have to beat out Milroe.

A 'no' answer is also correct because there will be a spring, summer, and at least Fall Camp, quarterback competition. Hopefully, unlike last year, the Crimson Tide's next September will not include a quarterback dilemma. Adversity comes early for the Crimson Tide in the 2024 season. Away versus Wisconsin on Sept. 14 cannot be counted as a lock for Alabama. Before the month ends, the Georgia Bulldogs could feast on an unsettled Crimson Tide QB situation, should one exist.

In the Tide's first two games, a quarterback competition could continue, but it must be for QB2 and not QB1.

Alabama Crimson Tide fans can be sure that Jalen Milroe will do everything possible to be DeBoer's guy. Milroe is already a team leader and one that leads by example.

As reported by The Athletic Kalen DeBoer has been impressed by Jalen Milroe in multiple ways. The new Crimson Tide leader said, "... you got to look at Jalen as a person. Man, he’s got a huge heart. I think there are some moments during the season last year where he really both led by example and did some things where he put himself out there to pull the team together. And now he’s had an offseason where he’s continued to just keep working. He is in the building super early, by at least 4 a.m., whether it’s rehab, or just different type of work physically, or mentally. He’s just all-in."

New Alabama Crimson Tide Offense and Jalen Milroe

Alabama fans have questioned if Milroe's skills are compatible with Kalen DeBoer's offense. DeBoer appears to believe that Jalen is a good fit, saying "he’s open to re-learning. He was as quick as anyone with understanding some of the basic concepts when we were installing them because he was putting in the work. Physically, he’s got tools, both with his arm and his legs. That showed up already in the first three practices where he’s making throws down the field or with some zip from one hash to the opposite sideline. And then the mobility, whether it’s keeping plays alive, or really hitting home runs, where he escapes, or maybe even a designed quarterback run. He’s just got a lot of tools that are gonna be fun to be a part of. "

The three guys behind Milroe will provide months of competition for the Crimson Tide's returning starter. It is possible one of them could become so much better at running DeBoer's offense that in September QB1 is not Jalen Milroe. It is possible, but it is not likely.