Kalen DeBoer knows what Alabama Football needs and the talent Jalen Milroe possesses.

Kalen DeBoer and Nick Sheridan are trying to shape Jalen Milroe to be his best. If they do, Alabama Football can have its best-ever offense.
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In Alabama football springs and summers and sometimes into the fall, Alabama Crimson Tide fans love to debate the strengths and weaknesses of Alabama's quarterbacks. During the most unusual Crimson Tide offseason since before Nick Saban, there has been no raging QB controversy.

Perhaps fans are being more patient because of a new Alabama football coaching staff and a new and different offense. The transition is so significant, no previous starter is guaranteed anything. Starting roles were also not guaranteed by Nick Saban, but once a player competed and rose to the first unit, it was difficult for other players to dislodge them.

Kalen DeBoer has taken a measured approach to sizing up individual players. One reason is until the new offensive and defensive systems are fully installed, players cannot be fully rated. Whenever DeBoer has been asked about a specific player, he stresses what the player has done well. He always concludes his answer with positives about other players in the position group.

Ask DeBoer about Jalen Milroe, and DeBoer will always add his confidence in all four Alabama QBs. After A-Day, in which, Ty Simpson looked much improved, DeBoer did the same. He complimented Simpson and added how well all the quarterbacks had done during the spring.

At some point in fall camp, DeBoer will acknowledge that certain players have key roles. Most Alabama fans believe the key role at quarterback will be held by Jalen Milroe. Milroe must earn it. It is possible another Tide QB could shine above him. It is possible, but it is not likely.

There are several reasons why Milroe has the inside track. He is a hard worker and team leader. He has earned the respect of his teammates and is well-liked. He has a decided edge in playing experience, including big games, that the Crimson Tide's other quarterbacks do not have.

With all the above, there is more about Jalen Milroe. As Kalen DeBoer recently said Milroe "has a skill set that 99% of the country doesn't have." Football experts and fans understand that Jalen has exceptional skill as a runner. Kalen DeBoer is making certain that Milroe not only understands that skill but also uses it.

Alabama Football needs more from Jalen Milroe than a pocket passer

During his college career, Jalen Milroe has been focused on being a pocket passer. He has exploded with some long runs, but more often deliberated too long seeking an open receiver. Jalen has said he wants to be known for his passing skills, not just for his athletic ability.

Kalen DeBoer wants Jalen to adapt. He wants Milroe to execute the offense, efficiently and consistently. What DeBoer did with Washington and Michael Penix Jr. was attack defenses, with a multitude of schemes driven by quick decisions. He wants Alabama to do the same.

It is too soon to predict the fall, but in spring camp, Jalen Milroe has progressed toward being the kind of quarterback DeBoer's offense requires. If that progress continues, Jalen Milroe can become the best quarterback DeBoer has ever coached. Such a result could make the 2024 Alabama offense close to unstoppable.

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