Key July dates for the Alabama Crimson Tide with big news expected

Catch up on the July schedule of important events for the Alabama Crimson Tide.
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Next month college football returns. The long wait of the offseason is just a few weeks away from being over. It has been an unusual offseason for Alabama Football; one many of us unrealistically hoped would never come.

Overcoming earlier angst of some Crimson Tide fans and the zeal of national media predicting an Alabama demise, Alabama is still Alabama.

On July 30th, Alabama football players will officially report for the 2024 season. Fall Camp will begin the next day, July 31st. The annual Crimson Tide Cookout is set for the weekend before Camp begins. It is always a major recruiting push for the Alabama football staff before starting the final preseason work leading to a new season. A list of Cookout attendees has not yet been released.

There is a major day soon for Alabama football recruits and commits. On July 8th, On3 will release its updated player rankings for the 2025 class. It is expected to be a good day for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Seven or more current Alabama football commits are expected to receive a bump in their player ranking. The seven, along with a top prospect, former Ole Miss commit, AK Dear are listed below.

Alabama Football Commit and Recruit Moves

Each player is listed with their On3 Industry ranking and their 247Sports Composite ranking.

  • Keelon Russell - QB - 4-star, No. 55 (On3); 4-star, No. 34 (247). It is widely believed the Alabama commit will get a big boost, possibly to 5-star status.
  • AK Dear - RB - 4-star, No. 36 (on3); 4-star, No. 32 (247). A bump to a 5-star is possible for Dear. Alabama is a consensus favorite to land him.
  • Justin Hill - Edge - 4-star, No. 48 (On3); 4-star, No. 58 (247). Hill has a chance to become a 5-star. Alabama verbal commit
  • Chuck McDonald - CB - 4-star, No. 81 (on3); 4-star, No. 73 (247). McDonald deserves upward movement. Alabama verbal commit
  • Dawson Merritt - Edge - 4-star, No. 91 (on3); 4-star, No. 99 (247). Another possible bump. Alabama verbal commit
  • Kaleb Edwards - TE - 4-star, No. 140 (On3); 4-star, No. 159 (247). Will the recent Crimson Tide commit get what was called, in the Saban years, a 'Bama Bump'?
  • Lotzier Brooks - WR - 3-star, No. 418 (On3); 3-star, No. 487 (247). Don't be surprised if Brooks gains the largest bump up in the 2025 class. Alabama verbal commit
  • Luke Metz - LB - 4-star, No. 361 (On3); 3-star, No. 639 (247). Almost a guaranteed big move up for Metz. Alabama verbal commit

Another July note - although an actual date is not public, many recruiting insiders believe 5-star, WR, Caleb Cunningham will commit to the Alabama Crimson Tide sometime in July.

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